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Giải pháp không dây trong tự động hóa


3G/4G Industrial Router Application for Video Surveillance

10/ 09/ 2016

Video signal through digital compression,transmission via the Internet, can realize the function of remote video surveillance. This function is applied to safety management of the construction site, will greatly improve the efficiency of management, enhance the supervision level. The company and the government personnel do not need to go to the construction site frequently, they […]


Numerically-controlled machine remote maintenance

10/ 09/ 2016

Numerically-controlled machine is the key equipment for all enterprises in the process lines. If it break down, and cannot maintain on time, it will cause huge loss because of long time machine halt. No matter how high reliability, it is inevitable to cause malfunction. Therefore, the users care more how to diagnose in advance when […]


Boiler ‘sick’? Remote monitoring system is coming

09/ 09/ 2016

Boiler smoke, it is one of the factors affecting the quality of the air, and most of the national industrial boiler have the problems of energy waste and pollution emissions. How to effectively guarantee the safe operation of the boiler is the priority to be solved of the whole industry. How to prevent the boiler […]


+Router for Optimizing PLC Network Performance and Management

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