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Giải pháp tự động hóa lưới điện (Smart Grid)


Four-Faith Industrial Router with 4G Sim Slot F3A36 successful application and Hainan charging pile Networking

04/ 12/ 2016

Charging piles wireless data transmission applications is composed of electric vehicle, charging piles,industrial wireless routers and M2M cloud management platform.


On Analyses the Distribution Automation Integrated Wireless Communication Scheme Design Technique

04/ 12/ 2016

Detailed analysis of the requirement for communication system, power distribution automation system and combined with wireless communication terminal in the practical application experience in power distribution automation system and equipment research and development experience….


Four-Faith Electricity Specialized Module for Column Switch Monitoring System Application

04/ 12/ 2016

Four-Faith has mutual work with client on this column switch system and try to achieve real-time monitoring of the status of on/off for the column switch.Simplified and stable wireless network can fulfill the mutil-data center’s communication request..


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+Reactive Power Compensation wireless Solutions for power distribution network

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