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Giải pháp tự động hóa lưới điện (Smart Grid)


300 Four-Faith IP MODEM applied on power monitoring project in Bosnia

07/ 09/ 2016

  In recent years, countries in the growing electricity market , the next innovation in the digital economy , and continuously improve the power quality and increasing the level of renewable energy resources, the number of distributed generation , driven to efficiently use energy smart grid is gradually replacing the traditional grid to focus on […]


200 units Cellular IP Modem was installed on substation in Vietnam

07/ 09/ 2016

 In recent years, Vietnam ‘s rapid economic development , the rapid growth in electricity demand , is facing power shortage situation. At the same time due to insufficient power supply support , grid frame is not perfect , in many areas of Vietnam electricity system is not perfect . To meet the demand for electricity […]


WCDMA Cellular Modbus Modem applied in wind turbines monitoring system Denmark

07/ 09/ 2016

Denmark has always been on the world’s top in the global wind energy field. The Danish government gives great support to the wind energy industry, invests 135 million Euros at the research, development and other energy technology every year, and plans to implement the clear energy accounts for 50% of gross generation by 2020, and […]


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