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Giải pháp không dây trong lĩnh vực giao thông vận tải (Transportation)


Industrial router application for traffic guidance screen wireless network

08/ 09/ 2016

  Traffic jams nearly is the common problem in all big cities, as well as in Australia area. The urban construction, the traffic ahead. How to improve the road environment and efficiency of traffic by technological ways, becomes an urgent problem and needs the local government and management depart to solve. Make full use of […]


Video and data transmission application for driving school’s cars

08/ 09/ 2016

The system is composed of vehicle monitoring system, wireless transmission device, video surveillance platform server and video collecting device. Every car is equipped with F3X34 industrial router, and set up communication channel with monitoring center via APN/VPDN/VPN. It transfers real-time video on site, car status, examinee status and operating situation to monitoring center. It is convenient […]


Four-Faith Industrial 4G router for Turkey highway video surveillance system

08/ 09/ 2016

As Turkey’s high-speed economic develops in recent years, lead to a rapid increase in the demand for roads and other infrastructure. Especially highway construction is limited to the scale of investment, power supplying and transmission channels and other factors, the monitoring system laying density is very limited, and there are many blind spot monitoring. With […]


+Four-Faith Gprs modem F2103 for LED control application

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