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Giải pháp và ứng dụng Router 3G/4G LTE WIFI


Four-Faith F3424 Rugged 3G/4G Router for Bus wifi application

08/ 09/ 2016

Country: USA Model : Four-Faith F3424 for Bus wifi application Quantity : 50pcs Application: Wifi on bus One USA tour  bus company purchased  50 pcs 3g wifi router F3424 Rugged 3G Router for providing wifi on the bus for the passengers. Through the Four-Faith intelligent terminal equipment  F3424 installed in the bus, the mobile communication signal sent by […]


Industrial router installed in California area tourist buses to share free WI-FI

08/ 09/ 2016

             As gradual deepen Internet of Things in the world, free WIFI network now expanding coverage comparing with in the past only in upscale hotels, office buildings and other places have the WIFI service. Recently, California regional tourism hub of tourist buses are installed free WIFI, the passengers can log bus […]

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