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Giải pháp ứng dụng mạng Zigbee trong điều khiển và giám sát hệ thống tự động hóa


Smart Building Bus temperature monitoring ZigBee network

09/ 09/ 2016

Basic environmental testing through field testing in steel environment from the first floor to the third floor, opposite the distance of about 30 to 40 meters , test point data transmission is normal. No packet loss. 1, Application environment: Mainly do bus temperature monitoring buildings. Between buildings, or up to three or four on each floor […]


Four-Faith F8914 ZigBee for LED Display Control System

09/ 09/ 2016

Introduction LED displays  are widely seen  on the streets , bus stations, communities, etc. People use them to display advertising, information publishing including texts, images, and videos. In the short distance  LED display control system, FourFaith F8914 ZigBee terminal is the part of data transmission. Control System F8914 ZigBee terminal is connected to the LED board via […]


ZigBee successfully applied in regional electricity meter reading system

09/ 09/ 2016

In the green energy conscious , driven smart grid to become an area of focus countries in the world competing development. Development of smart grid makes the grid function gradually extended to many aspects of the promotion of optimal allocation of energy resources , protection of the safe and stable operation of the power system […]


+Substation monitoring based on ZigBee network

+Oil field and oil well remote monitoring application( based on ZigBee)

+Gas Monitoring Solution based on F8914 ZigBee wireless data transmission

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