Giải pháp kết nối không dây cho lĩnh vực tài chính và thanh toán ATM

WIFI hotspot in Self-help vending machine

08/ 09/ 2016

Self-help vending machine is a terminal that applied in populated area where people can self-service and pay, its convenience has become a trend in life. Self-help vending machine is located in subway, factory and buildings, these places is filled with young people who have a strong demand for access to Internet. Self-help vending machine with […]


Wireless networking application for self-service delivery locker

08/ 09/ 2016

Self-service express locker, emerging form of high efficiency posting and delivering services, through the express industry “last 100 meters”, with the rapid development of Internet shopping, pilot, batch application widely employed in the whole country, popular in the smart & young community. With the increasing of pilot and application of express locker, the operational management […]


Four-Faith Industrial 3G/4G Router For Intelligent Express Solution

08/ 09/ 2016

With the rapid development of e-commerce ,  large amount of couriers flow in Community, office buildings, universities, which bring convenience as well as some certain hidden danger in security. Recently Intelligent Inbox has has arisen and be used in many cities in China.From ”waiting door to door” to “self-service”, greatly improve the efficiency of the […]


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