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Public bike system wireless networking application

08/ 09/ 2016

Public bike renting system is composed of management center, service station, renting station. Four-Faith industrial router is used in bike renting station, via the operator network for realizing data exchange between management system and platform, data transmission between smart parking system and clearing system and other data transmission of application system. Why clients choose Four-Faith? 1.Outdoor environment […]


Parking Guidance System Wireless Networking Application

08/ 09/ 2016

Parking guidance system is composed of data acquisition system、data transmission、information release system and central management system. The checkout equipment gather in and out vehicles information and send information to IPC via F2X03 IP MODEM( gprs modem gateway ), and then CPS send garage status messages to LED display so that every driver know where to park. Most […]


Bus E-Card Wireless Networking Application

08/ 09/ 2016

E-card smart bus system is mainly composed of data service center, F2X03 IP MODEM and terminal controller. Combination of GPRS and GPS technology, via F2X03 series wireless communication terminal, the system transmit locating information and IC card information to monitoring center, so data service center can real-time check bus location. Why clients choose Four-Faith? 1. […]


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